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Thank you to Antony Hubmayer for writing these classroom tutorials - updated March 2007.

To view or print the Tutorial files, your computer needs Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download this from the Internet is free and will take a few minutes of your time. Click on the button below to download this useful tool.
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Tutorials Audio Files
Tutorial 1 (111Kb pdf)

Audacity Tut 5 Song (858 Kb mp3)
Thunder (36 Kb mp3)
2 straight Rock (345 Kb wav)
Chorus Rock (345 Kb wav)
Crash Cymbal (512 Kb wav)
Crash Cymbal 2 (561 Kb wav)
Fill Rock
(346 Kb wav)
Verse Rock (345 Kb wav)
Once a Jolly Swagman (611 Kb wav)
To Be or not To Be (728 Kb wav)

Tutorial 2 (100Kb pdf)
Tutorial 3 (118Kb pdf)
Tutorial 4 (89Kb pdf)
Tutorial 5 (211Kb pdf)

Download ALL of the above files (4.1Mb zip)