Web Authoring with DreamWeaver


Site management
· beginning a new site
· file naming conventions

The Interface
· The Insert (Objects) window
· The Properties window
· The HTML code views
· Page properties background images/colours
· Preview in browser(s)

Using Layers - now called AP Div ..................
· Inserting an ap div
· Selecting and positioning ap div
· Tables vs ap div

Saving and linking pages
· web structures
· insert a hyperlink using text and/or image
· insert a jump menu

Working with images
· Rollover images/Flash buttons/Flash Text
· Alt tags on images
· Image maps
· Animated gifs
· Basic animation using the timeline

Using Media
· Sound file types wav mp3
· Music file types mid
· Linking to media
· Inserting plugins
· Inserting Flash objects..

· Using templates
· Using
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)...

· Sources for JavaScript
· Examples of JavaScript

· Using behaviours with layers - mouseovers etc

Uploading Sites
. FTP tools

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