Interactive Quiz Game

The new Interactive Quiz Game is part of the version 2 KidiPads/MidiPads software. It is a "beat the buzzer" style of quiz game with up to eight teams competing to win a quiz based on any range of topics. It can be used to support learning activities with students of all ages and is a really enjoyable whole class activity. The software has an integrated web browser to search for quiz questions - or have your class write their own quiz questions as part of the research into a topic.The MidiPads can have buzzer sounds and the automatic updating of team scores helps to build excitement.

Port Lincoln primary school ran a whole school maths quiz challenge using this new software with great success. Teacher Karen McConnell has been a leader in ICT for many years as a coordinator and eTeacher and she has been trialling the new version 2 KidiPads software for a short time. The photographs and video below will give an overview of the Port Lincoln experience.

Interactive Quiz game projected from a laptop computer
Students in teams of three or four with hands ready to hit the buzzer!

To create your own quizzes you can find some ideas here.

For more information please email Jim Edson