CCC Seniors Media - Course Information - 2012


Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan


A creative arts product can be, for example, a work of art or design, a publication, a performance, a film or DVD, an event, or a combination of these.
Listed below are some examples of specific creative arts products. This list is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive.
• Advertisements
• Animated films
• Art exhibitions
• Concerts
• Corporate images and their applications
• Crafted artefacts for display or sale at a market, fete, or expo
• Digital products (e.g. electronic games, podcasts, or vodcasts)
• Educational DVDs
• Entertainment programs for targeted audiences
• Environmental design projects
• Film/video: documentary, narrative (storytelling)
• Graphic novels
• Illustrated children’s books
• Installations
• Interactive learning games
• Magazines: print and online
• Murals
• Music video clips
• Musical productions
• Performances for entry in local and national festivals
• Photographic exhibitions
• Presentations for community events (e.g. screenings or performances)
• Promotional packages (e.g. DVD, print, or online)
• Public art or craft
• Scale models
• Scripts for radio, stage, or film
• Stage plays
• Videos for local tourism, on community events, or profiling a local identity
• Virtual art galleries or museums
• Websites

Reflective Writing - pdf

Movie Critique example

Higher Order Thinking Skills

About Me headings:
1. Name
2. Context
(what access to computers/technologies such as still and video cameras, audio recording, music gear, drawing tablets etc do you have at home? Include details such as operating systems, hard drive space, RAM, DVD burner, monitor size and resolution)
3. Backup strategy for 2012?
(usb capacity, external hard drive, ftp, home computer, online storage)
4. Goals for 2012 and beyond
(Uni, TAFE, work - what courses/work, how important are your year 12 results in meeting your goals?)
5. What are your main interests and strengths in Media?
6. What areas would you like to further develop in 2012?
7. What ideas for your one or two major projects do you have?