The Power of Digital Audio

For digital story telling a well thought through audio and music track can make a tremendous difference to the final product.

Audio can also be used in its own right for many curriculum areas.


  • explore oral literacy development in junior primary and preschool
  • create an audio CD that tracks student progress in oral literacy
  • make a CD ROM with a student portfolio that includes pictures and sounds created by the students
  • record the school choir, recorder group, instrumental ensemble and create an audio CD
  • put the audio recordings on the school web site
  • have students use high quality audio as part of a Powerpoint slide show
  • create sound effects that augment a drama/movement series of lessons
  • create a soundtrack that will be used for a video or animation project
  • Talk back radio show
  • Radio plays
  • Podcast your work
  • Share audio files for use on portable devices ie iPod etc

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