<% @LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252" %> The Stages of Video Production - Pre-Production The Stages of Video Production - Pre-Production
Brainstorm ideas and jot down notes and thoughts about your concept. Start to visualise the types of shots, locations and characters in your production.
Write down a rough outline for your production (list all the parts of your video).
Discuss the target audience for your video and the reason for picking that target audience. This will ensure your audience understands your intent.

The Pitch

Then work on the pitch. The pitch is a method used to introduce and share your movie project plan. It should be organized by the production team and be a convincing overview and a prerequisite to the production proceeding.
The pitch could be part of a formal presentation, and include a concept chart presented to peers or to teacher and requires feedback and evaluation before the movie production takes place.

The Storyboard

Create a storyboard of your video. This will becomes a blueprint and reference plan for your project.
The storyboard contains a rough sketch representation of the video. Using a storyboard allows you to see what each shot that link together to become a scene will look like.
During the storyboarding phase discuss and think about your scene sequence, the mood and atmosphere of each shot, scene or sequence.
Discuss (either with a teacher or members of a production team) and refine your storyboard and examine the overall story-line. Once completed turn the storyboard in to a script.

The Script

The script provides the detail required for the actual shooting. This is a written description of the video story. It includes the setting, dialogue, background sound, and visuals.

Now that you know how you are going to lay your story out (script or storyboard), you need to plan ahead to decide what production elements your movie should include, to help you better communicate your message.

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Kym Nadebaum