Free audio editing software!
All your dreams have come true......this powerful, simple to use multi track audio editor is FREE and available for Win98 up, Mac OS 9, Mac OSX and Linux.
Now you can put "Audacity" on all of your PCs and Macs. It imports and exports wav and aiff as well as mp3 file formats. Audacity uses a powerful graphic envelope editor for fade in and fade out effects.
One more very powerful feature is that Audacity uses VST plugins for effects. This means that the range of effects is expandable with many plugins freely available on the web.
Download a copy from .....OR from the links below..

Windows Version 1.2.6 plus the Manual

Mac OSX 1.2.6 - (PPC Mac) same manual as above

Mac OSX 1.2.5 - (Intel Mac)

Audio recording is a great way to promote Language development with oral literacy and music.

Check out the latest classroom Tutorials written by Antony Hubmayer - updated for 2007.

Support and Help files

Setting up your Computer

Plugging in

Language and Sound

VST plugins add a wide range of special effects to your audio files. This zip file contains many freeware VST plugins for Windows versions. Simply unzip and copy the Plug-Ins folder into the install directory of Audacity - replace the default installed folder. If you are viewing this page from a CD you can simply copy the Plug-Ins folder in the Installer folder of the CD into the install directory of Audacity as the files are already unzipped.
The file that allows for mp3 file type export is in the Plug-Ins folder.
This web site is useful for downloading Mac and PC VST plugins.

To Export as mp3 Audacity requires the lame encoder:
For Windows mp3 file export click here.
For Mac OS9 mp3 file export click here.
For Mac OSX mp3 file export click here.

FreeRip - Freeware Audio CD Ripper (extract audio data as wav or mp3) This facility is also available in iTunes and Windows Media Player. Please be careful to observe copyright laws in relation to commercial audio CDs - see
The Australian government is preparing new legislation that will clarify the use of digitised material - so keep revisiting the site to keep abreast of the new laws.

Favourite sounds web sites: for sound effects and for music styles/genres.

Audio files recorded in Moviemaker software are wma compressed files that cannot be edited in Audacity. Use the free audio converter called Switch to convert to a wav file that can be edited in Audacity.


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