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Braeview Primary and Junior Primary School

Robin Cross has researched many aspects that make for a successful integration of Interactive White Board technologies at his school. This is a Mac based school however many of Robin's observations relate equally well to PC based computer environments.

He regularly showcases the innovative ways that the planning for the building and the selection of ICT hardware and software has transformed the teaching and learning environment at the school. He has shared his findings in the following audio extracts, photographs and Word documents.

Teacher pedagogy ( 315Kb mp3 file) Projector considerations (2Mb mp3 file) Why Activboard? ( 1.3Mb mp3 file)
Pen vs Touch (1 Mb mp3 file) Computer considerations ( 671Kb mp3 file Positioning the board ( 743Kb mp3 file)


A completely redesigned building has created a richer learning environment Open spaces with high visibility abound - with withdrawal spaces when needed Cages are necessary for security and need to be mounted using structural supports to prevent movement Lyn is one of many enthusiastic interactive white board users at the school
Braeview supports many students with disabilities - amongs the most enthusiastic IWB users Positioning the board for easy access is a major challenge - including cable point positioning A Mac mini uses the whiteboard as a monitor - a cheap Mac solution This Mac mini setup includes a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard

Robin has provided this Word document overview of his thinking about IWB integration.