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A billion reasons to be creative in South Australia


Photoshop Beta 6 video

Photoshop Essentials

Creating backgrounds

Getting Started with Photoshop (pdf)

30 Photoshop Video Tutorials

The 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials 2008

31 Great Ideas

PhotoShop tutorials

Photoshop Fantasy tutorials

Design and sell your own merchandise

Sell your designs online


Master Your DSLR Camera Part 1

Master Your DSLR Camera Part 2

PHP Album

Web Design

JQuery Slideshow

JQuery tabs

Creative web interfaces

Drawn Style Web Pages

Web Authoring with Dreamweaver

Web Design Ideas

Using Grids for Design layout

Avoiding Web Design Mistakes



Flash Tutorials


Shakespeare Rap

Nikon D5100 Video mode

Dolly example

News Report template

The making of Avatar

Sort of Dunno Nuthin

DVD Architect Tutorial - menus

Understanding Graphics for DVD

Glenunga - IB Documentary Film making

Perception wmv

Perception mp4


Tropfest winner 2008

Musical Stairs


Peer to Peer Art Interviews


Rode University - learn about microphones


Comic Creator

What makes a good logo?

Logo Design video

Logo Design - Illustrator

Create a magazine cover Tutorial - InDesign

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 1

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 2

50 ways to become a better designer



Copyright in Schools

Do Schools Kill Creativity ? - Sir Ken Robinson

Shift Happens 2008


Download presets for Eleven Rack

3D Software


Blender 3D

Z Brush

3 DSMax Tutorials

PC vs Mac - 3D advert

Electronic Music - Jazari

















Subliminal messaging derren brown subliminal

Coke - happiness machine